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Few Miles South set to light up the W for a great night of foot stompin, hand clapin, swing dancing kind of night!  FREE SHOW!!!

Few Miles South set to light up the W for a great night of foot stompin, hand clapin, swing dancing kind of night! FREE SHOW!!!

Opposite south sides converge in this unlikely crew created by South GA raised, Blake English, and Los Angeles native, Tori Lund. The two met in 2014 singing and playing in a LA church and bonded over a shared a love of country music. They began writing with intentions to shop songs to other artists, but after a couple years putting together a catalog, they decided to wrangle up some local musicians and form a band.

Tori is a classically trained singer and misplaced old fashioned country girl. She grew up playing her family’s piano and quickly picked up the guitar. Her love of singing led her to complete a Masters of Music degree, but after graduating she realized her heart wasn’t in opera. Resigning to teach piano and voice, she sidelined her dream of performing, until she met Blake who encouraged her to write. As an avid reader, songwriting came instinctively and she now pens the majority of FMS’ lyrics while budding catchy melodies with Blake.

Blake comes from a family of guitar players and songwriters and was raised on rock, country and rhythm & blues. As a multi-instrumentalist with a keen ear he moved to LA in 2000 and signed his first publishing deal. He has since worked in his studio as a writer, producer and engineer all over the genre board. Some of his credits include Toni Braxton, George Benson and a Grammy nominated album by Brandy. Burnt out by the publishing rat race and looking for a change, he was eager to return home to his country roots and play live music.

Few Miles South does it all in house, writing, record and producing songs, which offer both old school nostalgia and a refreshing detour from today’s predictable pop country. Their first single and music video “On Down the Road,” stayed on the Independent UK HOTDISC charts for over 10 weeks and was awarded the “Best International Music Video in 2017.”

Ready to give it a real shot, Blake and Tori quit their day jobs, packed up their dog, Jojo (RIP), and moved south to be nearer the country music scene. In February 2018, they released a 5 track debut EP, Might Could, featuring their friend and renowned pedal steel guitarist Bob “Boo” Bernstein (Tanya Tucker, Emmylou Harris, Dwight Yoakum). A year later, they released their first full-length album, Californ I Aint. Blues and southern rock influences can be heard throughout their songs as well as nods to icons like Hank Williams and The Band.

Though new to the country scene, Tori, “meant to sing Country music,” and Blake, with his “stunning guitar work,” (Sleeping Bag Studios) have been warmly received by fans and critics. So, “if you’re ready to saddle up and enjoy the Golden Age of Country again, then grab the reins and ride along with Few Miles South.” (Skope Magazine). You can find FMS performing throughout the U.S., or in a van camping out with their dogs.