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Grass Roots Revival

Grass Roots Revival set for a Saturday Night Live at the Warehouse!

Grass Roots Revival set for a Saturday Night Live at the Warehouse!


Elvie Shane was born on a Sunday in Leitchfield Kentucky the 22nd of May 1988. The Following Sunday his mother would have him held tightly in her arms alongside a hymnal at Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church. It was in that small country church house where he would first be introduced to music and the magic that it holds.

After long Sunday mornings of hymnals, testimonies, and sermons it was a short trip back home. This is where his Father would be outside no doubt, with his head under the hood of some old ford. The open windows of said ford would be pouring out tunes from such artist as CCR, Lynard Skynard, Otis Redding, The Temptations, and Steve Earle.  Quite a combination and one He would learn to love and grow from.

Just as Gospel came before Rock’n’Roll in his introduction to music it would play the same roll in his first step towards being a Singer himself.  It was upon visiting a General Baptist Revival that a young man with a band would hear him sing and approach him to sing in his Rock band that had recently lost a singer. The offer was obliged and Elvie met the following Sunday to practice and learn 11 Songs for his first show that Saturday. The intense week of practice went as scheduled and that weekend Elvie Shane spent his first 45 Minutes on stage. While in this band he would write his first song and continue to write this day.

The days of after school practices have long since passed for Elvie Shane but he has continued to pursue a solo career. He was blessed with the opportunity to compete in the final season of a 15 year running talent show “American Idol” and and be a featured contestant.  Though he was eliminated before finals he is determined to become successful.

Elvie Shane is Gospel born and Southern Rock bred, a little Country Blues mixed with a whole lot of Soul. It is for the Love of Music, the Crowd, and the Story to be told that he performs.


Russell Sutton was born and raised in Austin, Tx. Living in the live music capital of the world, coupled with parents that were both musicians, he was influenced by everything from Jesus to Jones. Throughout his childhood and into college, you would have been hard pressed to find him without a guitar in his hand singing songs for people. After graduating from Texas A&M University, it didn't take him long to realize that it was time to cash in his chips and move to Nashville to pursue his dream of writing songs and singing them to crowds.

Shortly after moving to Nashville, Russell was writing songs full time for a number of artists working on solo projects. In walks Elvie Shane.

Russell says that From the moment he heard their voices blend together, he was hoooked.

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