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Keith Rae

Singer/songwriter Keith Rea to take the Jim Beam Stage 

Singer/songwriter Keith Rea to take the Jim Beam Stage 


Keith A. Rea – singer/songwriter, instrumentalist

Keith brings a wealth of experience to the stage as well as a variety of styles and genres. From love songs to train songs, Keith’s lyrics conjure stories of people, places, and situations that feel both familiar and yet somehow fresh. His instrumental styling’s cover the landscape from finger picked ballads to raucous twelve bar blues. 

Keith is a singer-songwriter based in Longview, Texas. He travels throughout the United States and just finished recording his second project for national release "Life's an Open Road". Keith is a veteran of over 40 years in the music business.

He's always on the lookout for new and area expanding venues in which to perform. You can get more information, listen to Keith's songs, view videos, and review tour schedules on this site, as well as the following sites:

Reverb Nation


- Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Regional Performer
- Johnson City Folk Festival Featured Performer
- Texas Music Awards Nominee
- Houston Songwriter's Association
  +  Songwriter of the Year Runner-Up
  +  Eigh Time Song of the Month Honorre
- Concerts In Your Home Artist
- Handshake Management Artist
- Houston Songwriters Association Songwriter of the Year runner-up
- Novelist