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Kristy Osmunson - (of American Young)

TICKET INFORMATION: NO COVER! - Perfect for families and date night.

Kristy Osmunson, will take the W2565 Stage, Thursday, July 14th at 8pm to captivate with authentic passion, wicked fiddle skills and idyllic guitar riffs. A perfect night to bring your date or family, this concert is free and open to all ages. It's set to be a truly enchanted evening that will leave you transported long after the lights go out and the show is over.

Kristy Osmunson is one half, with Jon Stone, of the duo American Young.

Formerly of the duo Bombshel, Osmunson's collaboration with songwriter Jon Stone, as American Young, is bringing Kristy to light in a big way since joining forces in 2013. Rolling Stone announced the duo's self-titled new album, currently available for pre-order only, is taking "two self-described polar opposites" and "turning oil and water into a magical, genre-defying mixture." The Huffington Post has declared that 2016 will be the year for the duo, as their "momentum cannot be stopped." With an expected release date of August 5th, American Young LP has everything from "hushed, romantic vocals reminiscent of Sixties French-pop" (Rolling Stone), to harmonies that "tantrically hypnotize" and "deliver hope through music without boundaries" (Huffington Post).

American Young is “two self-described polar opposites” that are “turning oil and water into a magical, genre-defying mixture.”
— Rolling Stone

For Osmunson, American Young is the perfect catapult for her continuous endeavor to produce authentic art for every American to experience.

Born in Creston, British Canada, and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho, Osmunson is more than just another pretty blonde residing in Nashville hoping to make it big. Osmunson has the pretty face, (we'll definitely give her that), but she also has something many of the pageant girls don't ... and that's tenacity and drive. She's been playing the fiddle since she was four, after being awestruck by her grandmother, who she self-describes as a "Musical Maverick" on the violin. Osmunson honed her fiddle talent well, and over the years has also added the acoustic guitar and electric guitar, (yes, electric), to her repertoire.

She pulls her musical inspiration from "absolutely every direction in life," and doesn't limit herself to one genre of music to listen to. For Osmunson, if music is honest, she'll listen to it. Her essential music playlist consists of unapologetic music, diva powerful ballads, and something that comes with a bit of an edge that says 'I'm more than a pretty face.' It's no wonder her female musical influences include the greats of the past (Eta James, Wynonna Judd, and Patsy Kline) as well as admiration for the progressive women of today's charts (Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Elle King, and Ellie Goulding).

When asked to sum up her objective as an artist, Osmunson takes no room for pause in explaining music must remain impartial to the artistic commercialization that exploits ploys for profits, and that lyrics should capture the emotions that hold sincere. For both Osmunson and Stone, their music rings true to the classic American dream as "idealist people, (who) like to sing the ideas of what we want to be, (and) where we want to go."

More information on Kristy Osmunson and American Young:

More information on Kristy Osmunson and American Young:

Reviewed by: Greg Lampe for Warehouse2565