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Tyller Gummersall

Durango, Colorado’s Tyller Gummersall is supposedly just 25,
but on hearing his voice and songwriting,
you’d swear he was at least a decade or two older.
— Jesse Hughey “Cowboys & Indians" May/June 2016
Durango native Tyller Gummersall is scheduled to take the W2565 Stage Friday, April 29th, coming off the heels of opening for Cole Swindell. Photos courtesy of ©JennyGummersall

Durango native Tyller Gummersall is scheduled to take the W2565 Stage Friday, April 29th, coming off the heels of opening for Cole Swindell. Photos courtesy of ©JennyGummersall

Take a good listen. Durango, Colorado native Tyller Gummersall is bringing back the traditional humble roots of what the original men of Country Music legends were made of. Removing the gimmicky lines and overproduced beats of today’s overtly Pop-Country, and instead settling in with his guitar to pluck the heartstrings of his listeners, Gummersall’s voice fluently rises out to find common ground with his audience. He is comfortable with his softer side and his voice rings out sincere, humble and disciplined.  

He may be 25, but he has a decade under his belt traveling from Southwestern Colorado to Nashville to hone his craft. Starting off a songwriter, Gummersall quickly came to the realization that the only way to hear what he wanted written was to get out and perform it himself. 

Gummersall, who divides his time between Colorado, Nashville and Texas, is currently making the rounds to support his fourth and latest album, Long Ride Home, produced by legendary, Grammy award winning Lloyd Maines, and released this past January.

Available for purchase on iTunes & Amazon.

Available for purchase on iTunes & Amazon.

 Comprising of eleven songs, it is this album, which will catapult Gummersall to imminent prominence. It has already garnered him much acclaim, as Ty has been a featured guest of nationally syndicated radio broadcasts including Texas Music Countdown with Chuck Taylor, found himself across the page from Vince Gill in the May/June 2016 issue of the premier magazine of the west, Cowboys and Indians, and most recently opened for Cole Swindell.

It's outstanding that Gummersall personally penned all eleven tracks for his album. 

One can instantly identify his bond with the rural lifestyle through his music, and associate his values. Unsurprisingly, Gummersall still participates in brandings, roundups and ranch life, and is one of few country artists that can legitimately wear a cowboy hat down Music Row in Nashville.

            Gummersall’s track “Good Enough” is almost certain to be destined to be a future hit track on an upcoming soundtrack for a romantic drama set in the scenic American West; think Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2010 blockbuster Country Strong.  Tracks “This House” and “Sing You a Song” show the range of Gummersall in his ability to scale down to the simplest instrumentation, articulate beautifully crafted lyrics, and showcase his powerhouse of a deep voice full of vibrato and wide range. “Kiss Me” seals the deal for any listening lady, young and old alike, to become instant fans with its soft chords, idyllic lyrics and a tone that is tender yet ruggedly iconic of the American Cowboy.

 Make sure to bring a date for April 29th at Warehouse2565. You won’t want to miss Tyller Gummersall in performance.

Early influences: Ryan Adams, Garth Brooks, George Straight and Hank Williams Senior


For more information about Tyller Gummersall check out his website:

Reviewed by: Greg Lampe for Warehouse2565